White Shirt – 9am to never ending

Helllo Guys,

Another week, another style…:-P

So today we’re going to talk about styling 2 things simultaneously. One is how to make your WHITE shirt more stylish, from office to a party, or brunch in a sexy, edgy way, I know these words don’t go with OFFICE, but wait until you see the pictures and you’ll know how you can make these words work absolutely everywhere.

and, second is the highlight garment of this week, a Lacy mid thigh black shrug/ shirt, whatever you want to call or wear it as… 🙂

Here we go with the easy and equally amazing idea to make your white shirt rock from 9-never ending… 😀


This black lacy overlay is a chic/ edgy/ sexy piece of clothing which just sets your attire apart because of it’s texture, and color contrast. When paired as a layer over your white shirt, it gives you an edge without adding bulk/discomfort or making you look unprofessional.

Have a look, I’m sure you would like to give it a try.



Now because this shrug is so different in itself, why just limit it to style for office wardrobe & same applies to your formal white shirt as well, explore it beyond work, trust me it’s sexy!!!

I’ll tell you how?

All you’ve to do is get out of your denims, and get in your shorty shorts and you’re super ready to have a blast… 😛

Have a look below, bet me on this, It’ll make heads turn…




New year is around the corner, give your LBD’s a little break and try something different and be different… 🙂

So go ahead and explore your white shirt and this lacy babe to the fullest.

Enjoy, and a very happy new year… See you in 2017…

White Shirt : UCB

Lace Shrug : Forever 21

Silver Necklace : Mom’s gift

Shoes : I’m sure you know that by now… 😛 , just in case it’s Zara

Shorts : Forever 21

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