The PRINT affair continues…

Hello Everyone,

This week I’m going to talk about these Colotte pants, which have been lying in my wardrobe for quite sometime as it took me a while to find something which I could put up with them, and then I recently came across this Printed crop top in absolutely fabulous base colour to brighten up my pants further.

It’s light and modest. Complimenting the look further are my Galaxy Printed Shoes (details in the last post- Girl in GREEN scarf) to absolutely compliment the Vibrancy of the pants and the Print Magic of the top.

I always like to load myself up with the minimum of the accessories and so I was able to do with this complete combination, as it’s so bright and full in itself, the only thing I had in the name of accessory was a small Necklace to not let the collar feel empty.

That’s a candid one

As always “Less being more” the theory for me, this look as well is bright, happy, occasion versatile enough to just put on and carry on.

Top: Lifestyle

Trousers: Zara

Shoes: Chumbak

Necklace: Accessorize

Photography: Harsha Patil

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