The PINK fever : Flared Top

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m back with an utterly CLASSY and very CHIC FORMAL outfit, which I’m loving from the core of my heart. I wore it to one of the interviews recently and fetched a lot of compliments especially for the TOP, but also for the whole look as well. So before I start with the whole look description, let me share an introductory picture with you to get familiar with the ensemble.

I know it already that you want the top. So, what makes this top so likable? I have a lot of reasons for it.

  • Colour
  • Flared Sleeves
  • Loose Body
  • The CHIC & FORMAL feel of it
  • Elegance

I picked it up without a second thought and paired it up with a NAVY BLUE pair of TROUSERS. They are no less in their DETAILS which make them CHIC FORMAL perfect. The key highlights of the trousers are

  • High Waisted
  • Side Tie up knot
  • Flap Over Front
  • Straight Fit
  • Ankle Length, let’s have a closer look at the details.

Also, the combination of this DUSTY PALE PINK with a NAVY hits off so well and the FLARE balances out the whole volume of the look. I’m generally not a very big fan of PINK, but this one isn’t like the very out loud pink, it’s SUBTLE, SOFT & MATURED, which makes it PERFECT for the FORMAL wear.

The best part of the whole look comes when a matching POLKA DOT BOW TIE adorns the collar. It works as that last loop to tie the whole look together because the color matches the trouser and of course it looks more like a statement maker. I personally LOVE bow ties.

Now comes the SHOES, another very important aspect of anything you wear. They’re as important as any other piece of accessory, right makeup etc. I wore these PASTEL POWDER BLUE, I don’t have an exact PANTONE for it, LOL, but it just looks so good with the whole arrangement of things, and it looks the way it looks because of certain reasons.

  • It gives a BREAK from a NAVY dominating look
  • It creates a FLOW OF EYE/ CONTINUITY
  • The trouser stands out better with a pastel color against it, rather than the same.

So, that was all about the look for this week. Share your experience with us if you happen to try this look out, we would be very happy to know about all the compliments you fetch.

Details of the ensemble

Top: Van Husen

Trousers: Zara

Bow Tie: Westside

Shoes: Clarks



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