Denim Dress – your wardrobe staple

Hey Guys,

Before starting anything I wish you all a wonderful and a very happy new year… Hope you all had an amazing time and stepped in 2017 with new resolutions, dreams, goals and ideas. May you all stay blessed, healthy and smiling always…

Now with the beginning of this fresh year I’ve come up with new and interesting hobbies, one of them being “Stitching”, yes, I’ve been missing stitching for some time now and bought a sewing machine, I also made an amazing coat, which I’ll post next week… 😀

I’m so excited already about it…

Ok now, without wasting any more time in talking so much I take a jump to this one of my favourite looks.

Denim Dress…

Yes, you heard it right, and it’s not the one with straight fit and asymmetric hem, it’s structured, sexy, bold above all graceful… 🙂

You must be noticing a lot of celebrities around in their own signatures denim dress looks, and it’s actually gaining a lot of popularity, but I personally believe that a denim dress is a must have in the wardrobe, as it’s a perfect casual outfit for your casual outings, brunches, shopping, work (if you’re comfortable), I wear it for parties as well, as LBD’s are not actually my thing anymore.

It makes me look modest as there’s barely any skin show, it’s not very clingy on my body, comfortable, it looks different. It passes all the criteria I look for before buying something mostly anything.

Have a look @ the pictures below and decide, also share your views and feedback in the comment section below or inbox us for any queries, or if you want a styling post on any specific kind of apparel on our Facebook page with the name Grace In Me…

Looking forward to get in touch with you soon…

Look @ it’s best
One of my favorite pictures among all…
The side pockets are such a relief…
I know I’ve a little catty look

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Zara

Necklace: No memory (no, it’s not any brand, I actually don’t remember)

Lipcolor: Lakme: Carmine Kick

Photography: Harsha Patil


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  1. Happy New Year. Yes I absolutely agree that denims are the best , whether it be a jacket or a dress they go with everything. Yes as you said its comfortable, plus I find it warm during winters.
    Your wardrobe is amazing it’s simple and classy.

    1. Hey Alisha,
      Thanks a lot for you appreciation. I value it a lot.
      Keep updated with upcoming posts in future, and if there’s any specific request you or your friends have regarding styling things up, do let us know. We’ll be more than happy to write a blog on that.

      Keep smiling.
      Have a good day…

  2. Will be looking forward for more updates from your end. Will let you know if there’s any requests.
    Thanks alot Pragyee .

    Hugs. Tc

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