Breaking the MONDAY BLUES

Hello and welcome back…

I hope you all have been enjoying life and been happy, alright, I know heat is killing everyone and it makes you feel way too drained by the end of the day, but it’s ok, I’m sure we all have some way or the other to break the mundane routine or prepping ourselves up even during the week by indulging in thing which you like, enjoy and resonate with.

If you ask what’s that one activity for me which I do every day to make myself feel good, I would say “Dressing up” I absolutely love doing it, and also sharing it, as I do with you guys… 🙂

Well, so talking about breaking the boredom of the week which MONDAY brings in with itself, I’ve got a really small styling tip which is going to make a BORING MONDAY equally BRIGHT.  As I absolutely LOVE colors and prints, which must be very obvious by the blogs I’ve written till now, and I very strongly personally feel that colors can really have an impact on your mood and psychological status instantly, so why not use it for our best, and also spread the same for those around us.

Have a look below and figure out how I’m doing that this MONDAY.

It’s all about this BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL jacket I recently came across and couldn’t stop myself from having it in my wardrobe, and see how it just elevates the whole appearance of the COMFY CASUAL BLACK outfit. It was one of those rare days when I go completely black, and this jacket just made it all set for a MONDAY.

                                                       Look @ that beautiful structure and vibrant soothing colors, I can just keep looking @ it…

 .                                                                Isn’t the power of ALL BLACK personified

Keeping it minimal, yet different and comfortable is the mantra for today.

Credits as follows


Trousers: Marks & Spencers

Shoes: Zara

Earrings: Just in case you liked them, as I love feathers, they’re from streets of Thailand, but I’m sure you can find them here as well.

Photography: Harsha Patil

So this was it for this week, hope you guys found it useful and would make full use of the little peppy things in your wardrobe. Put your comments below in the case of any query, or anything specific request in terms of styling things up.

See you next week, till then stay tuned, stay happy & stay stylish.

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