Back to BASICS : Box Pleated Skirt

Hey Everyone,

Long time, no see, because of which I’m excited to share one of the interesting things I did meanwhile. I went on a road trip to Bandipur National Park and then to Wayanad, it was my “Birthday Gift” and I’ll be sharing my experience about it in a separate post, please don’t feel disappointed as I don’t have much pictures of the trip because photography wasn’t allowed in the national park.

So jumping on the main subject of this post, which is definitely about how to mix the characters and emotions to bring a certain flavor out which is as I always say “Comfortable” yet “Captivating

Have a look…

Yes, we’ll talking about a basic “Box Pleated” skirt.

Many of us have worn this style as our school uniform, but that’s what this post is all about to make the basics stand out. We can do it by pairing it up with an “Off Shoulder” body hugging, deep neck top to add a bit of “Sensuality“, “Contrast” and “Edginess” in the whole look, to balance out all the “Poise” and “Grace” the skirt has to offer.

Now that the top is wide and “Accentuates” the  “Neck“, “Collar Bones” and of course you would like to grace your neck with a piece of accessory, let that be a simple choker, it would solve it’s purpose of not giving a “BARE” look to your top, and also won’t just attract all the attention to itself, letting the top do it’s job. You see “Harmony

Now to complete the look  there comes the “Stilettos“, I graced my feet with a pair of “Charles & Keith” animal print stilettos to keep the “Edginess” of the look from the top flowing. It’s “Minimal” and yet a “Statement Maker

One more very important piece of information… 😀

The top gives the occasion to all your “Fancy back bras” to showcase themselves. I’m wearing a simple cross back long line from M&S. OHH My God, it’s such a beautiful bra that I can write a whole different article on it. Anyway, coming back to point, go ahead and wear all your “Criss Cross“, “Lacy Back“, “Strappy Backs” and allow yourself to be the center of attraction.

Hey Guys, I’m open to feedback and requests, if you want something particular to be styled. Do let me know in the comments or you can also message me on the FB page with the name Grace In Me.

See you soon. Have a great time till then.

Top: H&M

Skirt: M&S

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Choker: F21


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