Andamans – a step closer to the adventurous self

How do I summarise a week long vacation to Andamans. I have few highlights followed by the details.

1st. It was more than a regular vacation for me due to countless reasons, the tiring everyday schedule, pollution, noise. the need of some peace, adventure and calmness just cheeped in.

2nd. A week is just not enough to acclimate the beauty and everything else this place has to offer.

3rd. Coconut water: Oh my god! the coconut water will spoil you for life. All the coconut water I’ve been drinking in my life till now thinking it’s healthy, the word HEALTHY was a pure fraud.

4th. Safety: Guys & Girls it’s super safe, like beyond imagination safe.

5th. People: They’re kind, nice, stress free, simple

6th. Commute: Not cheap @ all, autos or food, nothing is cheap.
If you hire a bike, then yes, it’s cheap.

7th. Is it Worth: 500% yes, the combination of history, beaches, beautiful sand, adventure sports, food, sleep.
It’s just more than perfect


Duration of Trip: 9th – 15th Sept, 2016
Origin of journey: Bangalore
Flight Route: Bangalore – Chennai : Rs 1600/-
Chennai – Port Blair (Round Trip) : Rs 8000/- (Booked 6 months in advance)
Chennai – Bangalore : Rs 3100/- (had to book 2 end moment because of train strike)

Port Blair & Havelock : Rs 6500/- per person for 6 days
Port Blair: Hotel Hilltop
Havelock: Havelock Island Beach Resort, Beach No.2

Day 1
Port Blair

Cellular Jail: A significant chapter in the Indian History, also known as “Kale pani ki saza”.
The pain, struggle and determination of the freedom fighters can still be felt in every establishment of that place.

From the stories of the origin of the jail to the way it used to work, to the way the freedom fighters were tortured is just so heart breaking.
Wasn’t left with the strength to watch the light and sound show in the jail during the evening.

For the dinner went to a beach side restaurant and chilled there

Day 2

Baratang Island: Land of Tribals, Crocodiles & Limestone Caves
Distance from Port Blair: 120kms
Cheap option to reach: Local bus for Rs 145/- per person
Comfortable & Luxurious option: Book a taxi Rs 4000/-

Don’t also forget to book the return ticket of the bus because that’s how it works there, if you don’t have a return ticket then you’re stuck with crocodiles and tribals.
Not a good view… I know…:-P
It happened with us, luckily a guy gave us the lift till Port Blair, which is illegal (it was a pure risk for us and them)

From the bus stop point you take a ferry for Rs450/- per person to reach the limestone caves, mangroves and back.
This sight is breathtaking, the forest you walk through is dense enough for no sunlight except for a little little patch here and there. It’s a full forest department property.

Walking for long through the forest comes the caves, pitch dark and beautiful.
Phone flash light will help you see that… 😀

The caves are a sight not to be missed.

This trip consumes full one day.
f you want to see tribal people, which you’ll get a glimpse of only if you’re lucky, then don’t sleep in your road journey to Baratang. We slept and missed, but while coming back spotted a group of women and kids from tribes and a man separately.

I'm tired walking...
I’m tired walking…
just outside the cave
just outside the cave
Way to the caves
Way to the caves
The cute hibiscus
The cute hibiscus


A Colgate Selfie
A Colgate Selfie

Day 3
Ross & North Bay Island: Sight for architectural ruins from Britishers and Japanese invasion, also famous for good sight for Corals.
I’m proud to announce that my country is one of those which has Corals… 😛

Ross Island, as it was the headquarter for Britishers and Japanese. The ruins tells the story of the past and the roots and trees running through the walls of the ruins are a piece of art in itself.

The red brick building, the church, cementary, and of course the freely roaming deers, rabbits, peacocks add to the sight and they’re super human friendly.

North Bay Island: The ocean of Corals
My first Scuba Dive happened here…
I don’t have words to express my under water experience in words.
All I can say is, I was quite relaxed once under water, I did panic during my training though…

Diving School: Discover Scuba Center
Charges: Rs 2500/-

Ross Island
Ross Island
The friendly deers... :-*
The friendly deers… :-*
The Ruins
The Ruins
A big palm
A big palm
The ruins...
The ruins…
Post Diving
Post Diving

Day 4 & 5
Havelock Islands: Piece of Heaven
How to reach : Port Blair – Havelock through MAKRUZ CRUISE (Name of the ship)
Duration: 1.5hrs
Ticket: Rs 1300/- one way, per person

Kindly book your tickets to and fro Havelock in advance, it’s difficult to fins @ end moment.
Aniha (my travel partner) was wise enough to do that… 😛

I had anotehr awesome dive in the most clear and best water of Havelock.
Diving School: Ocean Tribe
Charges: Rs 3500/-

This dive was more exciting as I had to back roll from the boat in the middle of the ocean…:-D

Exciting: Oh yes…
Scared: Yes, When my instructor showed me how to back roll, I went numb.
Chilled 2 beach after the dive, minimum people around, no noise, what better to ask for…
Played fetch with a Labrador, a french woman and her brother joined too, so all 4 of us had a great time followed by simple lunch.

Aniha was chilling @ hotel all this while.
She missed it…;-P

After lunch, I joined Aniha for a relaxed and laid back evening @ the beach of the resort where we were staying. Joined in by a kitten, who sits with us silently and stares @ ocean, sleeps & eats with us…
She was a cutie.

Dinner 2 Something Different (Cafe)
Good collection of books about the island.

the aquatic life
the aquatic life
the corals
the corals
going with the flow
going with the flow
Curious to see more
Curious to see more

Day 5
Entered the ocean @ 9.30am, and got out @ 4.30 pm.
No wonder I’ve such a beautiful tan… 😀
What a day, the best of all…
I learned how to float, thanks to Aniha… :-*

Dinner: Full Moon Cafe
It’s a cozy relaxed and a beautiful place with delicious food.
Ahh, what more to ask for after an eventful day

img-20160914-wa0115 img-20160914-wa0106 img-20160914-wa0071 img-20160914-wa0067

The most wanted picture
The most wanted picture


Happy us
Happy us

img-20160914-wa0052 img-20160914-wa0075

Day 6
Went to Radhanagar Beach, the vastest beach I’ve ever seen…
Chilled there for sometime
Auto : Rs500/-
Buses go there but no certainty of returning.

Ferry back to Port Blair @ 4pm
Had dinner @ Sea Shell hotel. The rooftop is nice for good music and few drinks.

Rested as I had an early morning flight from Port blair.

That’s all about my trip
I’m sure by now you have fallen in the desire of visiting Andamans, good, just go and enjoy every bit the nature has to provide us.

@ sea shell
@ sea shell

Pragyee Jaiman

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  1. I so wish to go to Andaman seems like heaven on earth. You should also post videos about your travelling experiences and your fashion styling,it works! Loved your underwater scuba diving so magnificent the sea looks. Wow !


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