5 ways to wear BOYFRIEND jeans

Hello Everyone,

First I would like to start with apologizing for my really long break from sharing my ideas and wardrobe with you guys. I’ve in middle of a lot of things and major of it being shifting the country.

I’m currently living in Dubai, shifted here for work, and finding a support system for me to get back to styling took a little time, now that I’ve it, I’m here to share it with you.

This post will sort your everyday making choices of “what to wear today to look different” to ease.

I’ll be sharing “5 different ways of styling your ONE pair of Denims”. To be honest I just have 3 pair of jeans since past 5 years or so, and I never felt the need to splurge as well because I could use the item in different ways to make it look adorable every time, and today you’ll also know it…

#Look 1 : Basic White Shirt : Formal

This is the most simple and easy to carry look, perfect for Mondays, a clean White shirt paired with nice clean pair of shoes, you’re ready quickly, which is most important on Monday.

#Look 2 : Basic Black Blazer

All we did here is put on a nice satin spaghetti  with lace (you can also use a basic black/ white or whatever color that compliments Black & Blue together and whatever you’re comfortable  with) and put on the Basic Black Blazer on top, and here we’re ready to slay another Monday or whichever day of the week 😀

#Look 3: Funky layering

We tried to push ourselves to make layering funky and cool, so we first wore a Polka dot shirt, and an extremely light weight sweatshirt on top with a fun print. shoes remained same. It’s a good outfit for office, evening out with friends, basically anywhere.

#Look 4 : Bodysuit

A great  bodysuit or bodysuits are a must in a woman’s wardrobe, they are versatile to style and always gives an edge to the look.Here I’ve paired a translucent bodysuit from Marks & Spencer and topped it up with a Black Sequins Jacket to add some Jazz. Yayyy, we’re party ready.

#Look 5 : Filled with Fire

We’re here with our last rocking hot look, which has a black bra/ crop top of your choice paired with the same Black Blazer we used in Look 2 with a choker necklace.

What else do we need to rock the party tonight.

If you like the post, please share with us in the comments below, and ladies, please make versions of it and send us your versions.We would be more than happy to  see women all around slaying their denims.

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